How to match a veil to a wedding dress?

How to match a veil to a wedding dress?

Bride’s veil is a classic article of wedding clothing. Not every bride is familiar with the process of choosing a right veil to match the wedding dress style. Some may think that any veil works for every dress but that is far from the truth! In this article we will dwell upon choosing the right veil, how should it look and more. So let’s sort it out!

Every dress is special. For instance, ball gown wedding dress stands out from the rest due to its full skirt balanced with highlighted neckline and waist. The prolonged veil with rounded edges will work great with ball gown, flowing right into the skirt and creating more feminine, romantic look.

Flirty mermaid wedding silhouette is perfectly completed with ballet length veil. This veil type comes up to 140cm and with its flowing texture it greatly highlights the dress as well as adds a zest to bride’s look. A sweep veil with cascade design will also make a great choice for mermaid dress. It nicely highlights the bride’s waist and completes the look.

If you opted for sheath dress, consider the mantilla veil. You can select the length up to your preference. The sheath wedding dress design allows to experiment with the veil the way you like it more. However, it is better to pay attention to the variants that cover shoulders, completing the look with a hint of secret.

As you can see matching the veil to your wedding dress is not that difficult when you know the peculiarities of your dress style. We hope our recommendations will be useful for you in making the right choice. We would also like to remind that you can shop for a wedding veil from manufacturer Inter-Tex at our website. In the wedding accessories section there are a lot of options for sale, so you can surely find the one you are looking for.

Respectfully, Inter-Tex company.

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