Payment by bank transfer



Contact details for bank charges are sent in advance to your e-mail address.

Payment is made in UAH at the effective rate on the day of payment. Advance payment is 50% of the order amount.

Popular payment methods for citizens of Ukraine:

⁃             Payment via Privat24

⁃             Pay a bill in the self-service terminal or the Privatbank register;

⁃             Company account (details are available on request)

Important: Customers are fully responsible for payment of the amount of the order and additional fees for processing the payment, commission of the bank.

After the payment has been made, it is necessary to inform us of the sending of the funds or send a copy of the receipt with the name of the payer, the amount, date.

Only after the payment has been confirmed will we begin to execute your order.


Payment for foreign customers through international money transfer systems:

In order to pay the invoice for an order in another country, the partners may use the following transfer systems:

  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • TransferWise
  • Unistream
  • Intel Express

In different systems, the commission will vary between 1 and 10 per cent of the total. Buyers pay interest themselves.

Payment details and invoice number are received by each customer on Email after the order order is made.

After the translation is done, you must send a photo or a copy of the receipt to us by e-mail, where the name of the sender, the transfer number, the country of origin of the money and the amount are clearly visible.

Important: Buyers are responsible for paying additional fees and fees, therefore it is necessary to carefully check the amount of payment in the international money transfer system selected by you before the transfer is made.

We are always glad to cooperate with customers from different countries, therefore we offer convenient conditions of payment and delivery!



Delivery to cities of Ukraine is carried out through transport company «Novaya Post», or other courier services convenient to our clients. The order delivery time in Ukraine is up to 3 working days.


Delivery through Russia via Kursk, Russia.

After the order arrives in Russia, the parcel is sent to the city of the customer through the transport companies – Geldor Expedition, Baikal Service and others.

The delivery time for the order on the territory of the Russian Federation is 2-7 days. The main delivery conditions are as follows:

                ⁃             The cost of sending one dress from Ukraine to Russia (the city of Kursk) averages $15.

                ⁃             Delivery in Russia is paid by the customer after receipt of the package at the branch of the transport company.

The cost of delivery in Russia can be specified with the transport company.

The amount will depend on the place of delivery and the weight and volume of the parcel

Global Delivery

For delivery in an international partnership, we use the services of such logistics companies – DHL, Fedex, EMS, New Post Office, Ukrpochta or other available method convenient for customers.

terms of delivery:

                ⁃             The cost of delivery will depend on the location of the customer and the transport company chosen by him. Average cost is $13. Per kg of parcel, not exceeding 30 kg

(20 kg for some countries). One wedding dress weighs 1-5 kg;

                ⁃             All delivery costs are paid by the customer, the prices on the site are indicated with the terms of delivery EXW by Incoterms 2010;

                ⁃             After sending the order, we contact the client by e-mail to notify the package tracking number.

Important: Customs clearance and delivery services are fully paid for by the customer.